Wednesday, December 30, 2015

100 Sentences to Practice Fluency (Freebie!)

Looking for a versatile set of flash cards?  

I love this simple (no frills) set of sentences I created for my own students. This is a handy file to have on hand for daily dictation, spelling, fluency reading, or handwriting. It works for independent reading or partner reading...or as a quick reading or spelling inventory or assessment.  All the words are from Fry's first 200 high frequency words...the most common words we encounter in reading and writing. The first 200 are recommended for grades K-2. 

Don't forget! To celebrate 100th day at your school, you may want to make it a big "event" to read 100 sentences!  Hand out a certificate (included) to recognize students for reading 100 sentences on 100th day!~

Below are a couple of sample pages from the packet. You are invited to download this for free!

Please note: If you would like to download this for free...please go to my store link and download it. I only ask that you do not share it; instead please direct others to this link. Do not post on the internet, or share publicly without including my store link, or permission. Thanks so much.