Sunday, May 21, 2017

Do not share on Pinterest, please.


I've been experimenting with my art and haiku!  Art and haiku seem to naturally complement each other. I posted this as an affirmation...that I will continue to make art and write haiku (even if I am an amateur!) 

This picture was first made from a textured paper I had painted with crinkly plastic wrap. It started out as a 5x7 textured piece. Then I cut out a leaf shape (the negative, in other words) from contrasting paper and placed it over the painted paper. With my camera, I uploaded it into PhotoShop, and from there....after a few other Photoshop tricks, I ended up with this.  Lately, I have become a little obsessed with creating haiku poems. Over the years, I have taught haiku to students, but never really created it just for myself.  Now, I can't stop writing them! 

I'll be back!

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