Saturday, June 15, 2013

Camp Read Day

Last week, a few "long" days before school was out for the summer, I set up a tent and camping gear in my room. I hung up a led lantern and turned my iPad on with background sounds of crickets, owls and loons. We pulled down the shades and read in the tent--and a little bit outside the tent (since we had to stuff a lot of us in). What fun!  We topped it off with the age-old fishing game, earning fishing points for each word on the back of the fish. We caught all kinds of fish--bass, trout, salmon, eels, and you name it. Yes, we even had sharks in the pond!  After our fishing adventure, we had cold s'mores, and handed out summer literacy bags to take home. Our "Lit Kits" were a hit, something for all K-5 kids to take home. The PTA helped me fund the Lit Kits. We all had so much fun on Camp Read Day, I plan to do it again next year.