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I'm a reading specialist who has been teaching for over 20 years in public schools. This is my new blog, where I hope to share my love of teaching literacy and creating things with children. 

When teaching, I love to focus on connecting the arts with reading as much as possible, since that is such a meaningful and engaging way to get kids reading. Nonfiction topics and projects are also important in my teaching. We know that all children have multiple intelligences and learn in many different ways--and hands-on is one of the best ways to get them excited about learning. This is how I get to see each one's special talent.

One thing I remind myself every day when I go to school, is that as teachers we need to be compassionate "anchors" for our students. Many of them do not have that security when they come to school. We need to help them find the resources to develop their minds, and support them as they strive to reach their wishes, hopes and dreams.

Thank you for stopping by my blog--and taking time to read this! Come back again, and let's share what works for kids.

If you feel inclined to pin anything from my blog, you are certainly free to do so. But I kindly ask that you make the pin link back to my blog address. 


Happy Teaching and Growing Smart Readers!

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