Saturday, March 25, 2017

FUN with Tongue Twisters, Alliteration, Fluency and Silly Nonsense Words!

Hello Friends,

This is one of my newest single products I have just posted in my store! I'm really excited about this because it is the third tongue twister product that I have now. It was added to create a bundle of tongue twisters that are tempting enough to tangle the tongue of your terrific second and third graders.

Take a moment to check out these sample pages. I had a blast coming up with nonsense words like tippytots and blabblerblast. These silly nonsense words are just right for giving your students practice with phonemic skills and syllabication. 

The plus with this type of resource is that it works for kids who need to practice reading AND speech. My other two tongue twister resources usually get positive feedback from SPL therapists.  This is brand new, so I am hoping to see some feedback soon on this one.
I'll admit, this one is the most challenging. I recommend this for grades 2-4 because it really can get their tongue in a twist! Click on the link below to find this is my store! 

Thanks so much for checking this out. Please stop by my blog again soon!