Sunday, November 23, 2014

Frosty and Friends: A Readers Theater

Frosty will never grow old! Nor will the tale of this affable guy.  But this is just a twist on his story. I would love to put up a readers theater on the famous Frosty the Snowman, but the lyrics and he, himself is copyrighted! So I created one that has a little glimmer of the ol' tale.  (I can still hear the voices of Jimmy Durante and Jackie Vernon, whose TV version still entertains children five decades later!) But Frosty and Friends has a different script and twist at the end. 

This little readers theater takes all of 10 minutes to perform, but it's a fun way to get your readers to improve their fluency and comprehension!  I hope you will let your young readers give it a try. Being a little kid at heart, I had a blast writing it, and thanks to My Cute Graphics, it's dressed up with clip art that's bound to get the kids interested in reading. So, whether you want a quick activity for your reading group...or you are thinking about putting on a short little performance for the parents at Open House or Holiday Celebration... here's something that will add a little winter time cheer to the occasion! 

Dress them up in hats, mittens and scarves...and they'll all be the cutest little performers--and of course, no other props are needed! After all, it really is all about the kids.....and your kids will be the stars...because no matter how they read (whether it turns out to be a comedy of errors or not), it will be a memorable performance!

Below is a preview of the cover and the first page...just to give you a peek!
If you do happen to purchase this resource, I would love to hear from you.