Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kids need more sleep!!

Had to post this here...I see too many kids who lack sleep. It affects their work, their interactions with their peers, and how they feel about themselves. Kids who lack sleep end up in the nurse's office more often than their peers. They also have the highest absenteeism. We send out newsletters to remind parents before testing time that their child will need lots of rest. But we don't emphasize it enough for the rest of the time--when it counts even more. There's a lot of research out there that proves how the lack of sleep negatively impacts kids. We all know this anyway....but reading these two articles (out of hundreds) reminds me to take the time to think about what kids are actually getting for sleep and rest. 

Parent/teacher conferences are a good time to emphasize the importance if you suspect this is happening.

Take a peek at these articles:

Friday, August 29, 2014


Lately, I've been drawn to roots. Tree roots, in particular. I feel like there's a story to be told-although I'm not sure who would tell it. I think of so many tales that have been told and written with trees and forests as settings or symbols. Trees are prolific in literature --embedded in fairytales, folktales, legends, myths, poetry, and stories of romance --and mystery.  I feel this tree has a story--and it's gnarly roots invite me in to listen. Roots are a reminder of life's grit and perseverance, as well as its frailty.

Can you just picture woodland fairies living and playing among the roots?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Products for Back-To-School

Our School Bus is a nonfiction set of pictures with captions, text that is simple for kindergartners and first graders to read aloud together. The pages also may serve as beautiful posters to put up if you are studying back-to-school topics such as bus safety, transportation, and similar topics.

My School Bus Rocks is primarily a printable mini book in black and white for kinders and firsties to have their own bus book. The text also has sentences, but they are traceable, as so many starting school have not yet had handwriting instruction. It is also perfect for mid-year, once kinders have had writing practice and know their letters. First graders would find this easy (but sill fun) by mid year. This resource includes a stop sign coloring page which can also double as a shape book, as there is a lined page to go with it. Kids will also enjoy the school bus coloring page included in this resource. I am positive kiddos will enjoy making this cute little book. Black and yellow duct tape would be a delightful way to bind this book!

Safari Fun is just the right resource if kids need a lot of practice writing sentences. This is appropriate for second and third graders who are also learning about pronouns. The tongue twisters and scrambled sentences present a fun challenge for students to order sentences using correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. There are 18 task cards that are sentence starters--fun for literacy centers, homework, or individual independent work. I find these work well as story prompts, too! They are quite versatile. A page of suggestions details 4 ways to make this a fun, versatile and reusable resource.

If you are interested in checking these items out, you can find these new teaching resources created by Growing Smart Readers at My Online Store.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Frame: Polka Dots and Pastels

I have been playing around with more frames and designs. This time--polka dots and pastels! If you like polka dots and pastels, here's another free frame. Please enjoy! 

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Or click here for a free set of frames:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Butterfly Frame

Here's a playful butterfly frame that I created just for the fun of it. I got a little carried away with making this cute goggle-eyed butterfly and then experimented by making a frame out of the image. I'm still experimenting with clip art. But if you like this please go ahead and go to the Google link below!

You can use it for personal or small business commercial use (but no mass production). Great for teachers who are making products for their classroom or for selling on TPT!

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