Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Monday Morning Tongue Twister Fun

It's almost Halloween, and it's on a Monday!  Oh boy! What happened to this month, anyway?  Do you have restless kids, but still need to get a lesson in? 

Kids will have fun practicing these tongue twisting ticklers. This set is great for fluency practice and editing. 

Click here to get these catchy tongue twisters:

Make a Ghost! For Writing Display or Just for Fun!

It's not too late to make one of these spooky ghosts with your kiddos! The patterns included are easy to cut and glue. You will find a half-ghost which is placed on the fold of a larger paper. These come out quite large, which makes them an awesome and fun-some display! Writing prompts for ghost writers are included.

With or without ghostly writing, this craft is a hit!

This is one of the patterns in the packet. 
Place on the fold of a larger paper to cut out. Add streamers and other fun stuff!
There's lots of opportunity to personalize each ghost, too. 
Make its arms shorter, or add feet! 
Anything goes...with ghosts!