Friday, April 28, 2017

Fluency Graphs for Students

Kids Track Their Own Fluency Progress!

I have lots of success motivating kids to set fluency goals.  These graph templates are really helpful when you need to get your kids up to speed.  In my store, Growing Smart Readers, you'll find this fun, student-friendly tool. Choose the template that best fits your gang.  Currently, I have two resources that have been well-tested and received: The Animal Track theme, and Monster Theme.

The data can also be used for parent/teacher conferences, and team meetings. Kids love to keep a notebook of their increasing speed and accuracy!


Click on the link below to check out this resource!


Click on the link below to check out this resource!

Fluency Graphs with a Monster Theme

You'll find more fluency like the ones above with other interesting themes right here:

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring, Summer and More Things to Share

     For anyone who has returned to this blog, you may notice that I'm not very regular about blogging. That's okay, because I have been busy sprucing up and spring cleaning my store! And what a chore it is! Making resources that are high quality and engaging for children is time-consuming, and yet I love doing it.  It's not about the money either, because if I were to really average in all the time for how many downloads I get, it it means I'm probably working for less than 50 cents an hour. Ha! Well, my real job is teaching, and that's where I need to put most of my energy until the day I retire!  

I enjoy creating and exploring new ideas--so whether I get big sales or not, it's worth it!  By the way, if you've ever checked out my store, or purchased anything...I want you to know that I DO appreciate it!  

Thank You!

This is a great little packet that includes an "I HAVE, WHO HAS" game related to sports AND a writing booklet--easy to assemble and write in using the prompts given at the top of each page. The booklet is made up of 12 half pages, just the right size for hesitant writers. They don't feel overwhelmed with lines and text--and the pressure is off them for having to write a lot on a page.

Below shows how to create the easy book from the pages in the file. Suitable for students in grades 1-2, although if you have some hesitant third grade readers or writers, this would work for them as well.

Below is a preview of some of the pages!