Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall is Here!

Summer sneaked away- and fall stopped in 
while I was sleeping! 

        Yesterday, on the first day of fall, I went for a glorious morning walk, and this is what I found. It's sunrise at about 6:00 am...This is just down the road from where I live...beautiful. So, it convinced me that it's okay that summer has left us in Vermont (for several months). 

        I'm grateful because... Fall is a gift!  It came overnight--with a big splash of color!

Have you checked out my Free Printables yet?  
At the top of my blog page, click on the "Free Printables" tab. I've started to add some freebies (in addition to the summer shorts). 

Print out a free bat template which you can enlarge if you want students to hang bigger bats in your classroom. Templates are great for all kinds of things--including cards, writing, shape books, and posters. To print, just save the image (jpeg) to your computer desktop, then print!