Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Telltale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe's Masterpiece

What's Halloween without the 
mysterious beating of an old man's heart? 

Visit the museum here:  Poe Museum

First, check out the museum at the link above. There's a virtual tour of the museum which is located in Richmond, Virginia. This is great for students to view the panoramic tour of Edgar's old stomping grounds.

At this site, you'll also find a shadowy, suspenseful animation video clip of the Telltale Heart, only 7 1/2 minutes long, and probably best suited for middle / high school students, who will undoubtedly get a thrill --as they place themselves in the shoes of a madman, or lunatic. Note the full moon in the video. This is definitely one of my favorite all-time reads (or watch) during this month!  To find the video, go to the Poe Museum site, then go to the "Students" tab...and click on "Watch the Telltale Heart". (I tried to link it here, but it wouldn't load. It will if you go to it from the museum link first.) 

Lastly, don't let the "1954" date sway you from checking this out--it's still wicked good! The dramatic narrative in this is worth a thousand heart beats!