Friday, May 2, 2014

Sentence Building and Recycling Bottle Caps

Have you collected any of those colorful plastic bottle caps yet? Today was one of those days when my kids just needed a break from the usual. So, we pulled out our bottle cap bin and began writing sentences using nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This is not a new thing...but if you haven't tried this with kids yet, you are missing out on the fun of watching them make some silly and wonderful sentences. I only had three colors, so I just used nouns (blue), verbs (yellow) and adjectives (purple). 

We made it a grab bag game. They randomly picked out three different parts of speech (colors) and used those words for their "core" words. They had to add articles, pronouns, and prepositions (as needed) in order to have their sentences be grammatically correct. It did not matter whether the sentences were silly or totally ridiculous.

This is really and truly ONE MORE way to get kids to write! They were very surprised to see how well they did.  The pictures below are of my small group of third graders who liked making this into a "grab bag" game. Some sentences came out quite silly! But that's the fun of it.

What's especially great about bottle caps, is that they are versatile enough do so many different activities. If your kids are just learning the alphabet, use these for matching upper and lower case letters. As "letter caps" instead of word caps, you can scramble and unscramble words.