Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hooking Kids in With Book Commercials

One of the simplest ways to get kids motivated to read those chapter books we try so hard to get them to read, is the old "book talk" or book chat. I really think of these chats as live ads...or let's make it more fun and call them "book commercials"!

I have to do it more often, I confess...but filling up an attractive and intriguing basket of books is an easy and super quick way to rev them up about reading more, and getting their attention in a short time. Depending upon the grade level you teach, pulling out YOUR favorite books and telling them why YOU love them, and why YOU read them, can perk up their ears!

Now, that's a simple strategy--very informal, and you can spend all of 15 minutes gathering 10-15 great reads and prepare a mini synopsis to hook 'em in.

But here's another way that's even more fun... 
Grab an old shoe box with a cover, and a hole cut out on top. Or, use a cereal box! (Just as fun!)
Fill it with post-its or cut up index cards with book titles written on them. You'll want to have those books on hand, on display on a shelf, or in another basket ready to show. Then, ask for volunteers to draw a book title out of the box. Ask for volunteers who have read that particular book to give a hook-line about that book. If nobody has read that book, then YOU give a little advertisement about that book.

Of course, there are lots of ways to get the kids revved up and back on track as far as reading and getting actively engaged in books. You may want to have each of your children write down their favorite book titles cards and place it in the box. (Even better, so you won't have to!) Throughout the year, we do get in little slumps...and kids will say, "I've read all the good books. There aren't any more that I like." Well, try a book commercial!

100 Great Children's Book of All Time-from Scholastic