Sunday, March 15, 2015

OWLS: This interactive resource will keep your students engaged!

Hello All!

I recently designed this nonfiction owl set to be a hands-on resource with several writing activities, including 2 report templates and a student evaluation checklist. For quite some time, I have wanted to step up literacy for second and third graders, by creating more nonfiction and informational resources that are more than just pages of cute fonts and borders (even though, I do love cute fonts and borders). But I like to create resources that have a balance between attention-getting graphics and fonts, and the rigorous material and content that we need for teaching.

I think the beauty of this resource is that it is versatile! Here is the "booktivity" which can also be an interactive lapbook or science folder. It also serves as a hands-on resource kids can use to write their expository (nonfiction) report on owls, or an owl of their choosing. 

These photos do not include the many writing activities. Again, there's much more in this resource than just the "book". Several activities will keep kids engaged in learning about owls for least long enough to keep them from getting bored! And look what they'll be able to take home, share, and keep for a long time!

Take a peek and see what you think. 

Below is a preview of what the hands-on activities look like when completed. It shows how it can be either an envelope book, or a lap book. The second photo is how it can be made into a lapbook or folder...for either science or ELA class.

Owl Booktivity format

Owl Lap book format

Below are a couple of other elements to this file.