Saturday, June 3, 2017

Baby Animals Accordion Pocket Books

My reading group enjoyed reading these interactive and engaging booklets. Especially appealing to students who are struggling in reading, these little nonfiction booklets may help them feel successful. Kids who struggle in reading feel less stress when they see text on a single page or a mini book. They like to fold their own pages and see how a single page transforms into an accordion book! 

Content specific words are in bold text. Teachers and parents may want to preview the words in bold text prior to reading. Another idea is to create flash cards of the bold text. (I may be adding this to the packet soon!) 

On another note, these little books would be suitable for reading stations or centers during the school year, and for summer tutoring, too. 

If you are interested in this product, please check it out at my TpT store:

This resource is fun to read as little folded books. 

Easy directions for folding the papers into accordion booklets are included.

I've included the same text in the format of a single page for each animal book. This one is for baby seals. The paragraphs are numbered for reading in sequence.