Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Bookworm Buddies and More Readers' Theaters

This month will be as busy as November. The week before Thanksgiving, my second grade reading group performed an adaptation from the Weekly Reader passage on Squanto. Now they are hooked on readers' theaters! Each child felt empowered as a reader.  What a great way to read, read, read, and still have the fun of a skit--without the commotion and stress of costumes and props!

We'll be performing "Tacky, the Penguin" as one of our readers' theaters. We may have time for another one! See the link (on the right) for some free readers' theaters scripts for your classroom. Parents and other children will be invited to join us in the thrill.

My bookworm buddies are going to be busy writing responses to text, using evidence from the text. This is a biggie, and takes extra planning from me...but well worth it. 

If there's time, we'll be making cards and letters to real people. We'll be spreading holiday cheer with our creations. Some kids have not had the experience of writing a real letter to anyone that'll be fun.

Making Books--another project we will make time for. I like to show kids how to make the star book--a great format for almost anything. Stay tuned...