Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kids Make Their Own Customized Reading Mats

A serendipitous discovery! My students got tired of sitting on the hard tile linoleum-concrete flooring. We've stayed away from carpets due to budgeting and the fact that they're hard to keep clean. (Ask our custodian!) So ... I may have solved the problem! I went out and bought a few of those cheap blue foam sleeping bag mats you see in the store all rolled up. With a pair of scissors, I cut them into quarters, and voila! I got kid-sized mats that are light and easy to stack! We call them our reading mats. We'll have to think up some other fun name for them! Second graders had fun personalizing their mats with magic marker. They seem to be sturdy and flatten out pretty well. They'll take them home to read on during the summer! What a way to get them excited about reading! A HUGE BONUS!