Saturday, November 9, 2013


Phonological awareness activities can be fun when reading a poem together.

Here's one of the poems I use for choral reading in November:  Five Fat Turkeys

Kids just love to read this poem!  It is best suited for children in grades K-2.

There are several phonological activities you can do using this poem or any poem! After everyone's had fun clapping, do an art/craft activity, such as thumbprint turkeys, or a paper bag turkey puppet (see link and photo below). 

  • Choral Reading
  • Practice rhyming
  • Clap each word (Great phonological activity for word awareness)
  • Delete and Substitute Words (Leave out words, or make up new ones)
  • Rewrite and illustrate the poem as a class poem for a collaborative book
  • Play with /ou/ words
  • Play with long e words using "ee"
  • Make thumbprint turkeys
  • Make a puppet

This is a great turkey with directions you can download.
Please go to the following link:

*(I do not know the author of this poem. If anyone does, please let me know!)