Sunday, January 12, 2014

Can I Keep My New Year's Resolutions?

January's here and it's mid-year testing! It's going to be a little rocky at first.  I'll be testing all week in grades K-5, so it'll be a hectic week squeezing in about 50 kids. 

Since I didn't exactly get my New Year's Resolutions finalized officially, I figure writing them down here in this blog should take care of that! I could think of a 100 or more, but I'm going to be realistic and write down three very doable resolutions.

#1. School: I'm pushing fluency with my second and third graders. They're getting timed several times a week! Whether it's a high frequency word list, or a leveled passage...they will be reading to see how many correct words they can get in one minute! So far, they love doing this...but the caveat is, for them not to think of it as speed reading!  (Gotta keep up with this!)

#2. Home and Family: Fix healthier meals! Try out new recipes. (Yes. I can do this.)

#3. Me: Walk 30 minutes (3 times a week) and aim for at least 7 hours of sleep. (This'll be a challenge.)

I always start the year with resolutions, but I can't honestly say I keep them. But this time, I think I can do it!  How about you?! What are your resolutions? I'd love to hear what you will be working on!