Saturday, January 18, 2014

Think of Valentine's Day as Friendship Day

Wow! February is just around the corner! What happened to the holidays?  I feel like I am chasing my tail! I see now why retailers are always putting up the next season's merchandise up early. I used to complain about that, and I still do. But, I do see how it's so important to be ahead of the game, rather than catching up all the time. Does this make sense? Well, I'm just rambling...


I've been working creating activities for Valentine's Day, and realized I wanted to make things that kids could do any day of the year, all year long. There are so many Valentine's activities that I wish were less about Valentine's Day and more about Friends.

I know about how it all got started and it is a sweet story, but why don't we emphasize friendship with our kids in school (it still goes with love!)?

Here are a couple resources that I came up with. I think these will work well for many kids...primary, especially. But while they're thinking about friendship and what it means to be a friend, they can practice some important skills such as interviewing a friend, then comparing and contrasting their data, using a Venn Diagram. Then they follow up with writing a paragraph that summarizes their findings. 

Heart Friends helps kids learn a lot about each other, and possibly...hopefully, they'll make new friends at the same time! Important note: Don't let the cover fool's really not all about Valentine's fact, there's no mention of Valentines!

Heart Friends

Very Mice Friends is a collection of cute posters that remind your kids about what friendship is all about. These posters make simple statements that are easy to read, chant or even copy down as a writing exercise (for older students).  Writing prompts are included to go with the posters.

Why not make a class book?
 If you combine the posters and a writing page from each of your students, you'll have a wonderful Friendship book for your class.  Laminate and keep forever as a friendship keepsake to share in the future.

If you have a moment, please check these two resources out. Keep in mind...they don't have to be just for Valentine's Day.... Thanks!!