Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart and Chain Valentine Holder

Here's my new motto: Keep it simple when times are CRAZY!

Yes, there are SO many cute ways to make a Valentine mailbox or holder! Just look at Pinterest! There are oodles of cute projects!

But for me, it's been such a busy week! (And we can't all be perfect all the time and for every single holiday, right?) So, for a last minute thing, and with few materials to work with, I discovered this to be a simple and fun way to collect valentines. 

Hey, why not just a good ol' fashion heart-without a lot of steps. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to "Keep it Simple!"

1. Make a heart chain (the one you've seen on Pinterest) or a regular chain. 
2. Attach it to a double heart (2 hearts of same size). 
3. Staple or glue the sides leaving the top open for valentines. 
4. Decorate both sides...personalize with name and lovely conversation heart sayings or "Happy Valentine's Day!"

5. Hang from the ceiling or against the wall. But hanging from the ceiling (and not too far out of reach, really is kinda cool!)

I liked this because it came out big and flashy (maybe a little tacky, not too complicated), without worrying about materials and time. This took less than 20 minutes. The kids liked it, too! Don't forget stickers and foamies. Easy peasy!