Sunday, March 30, 2014

Strategies for Improving Fluency

Having trouble getting your kids to read fluently? 
Here are 5 easy steps that can be taken. Some activities can be done every day, even for a few minutes. Fluency is when we read with expression and meaning, and at a "speaking" rate.

Below, you'll also see a couple of my favorite poets' website links. April (just around the corner) is poetry month, which makes it a perfect excuse to use poems for practicing fluency with your children.They really won't think you are making them work when they read a funny poem!! 

Choral reading and readers' theater are my favorite activities for developing prosody.Try choral reading regularly, as part of your daily routine in literacy block.

You can download "Strategies for Improving Fluency" for free if you save it to your desktop.

See the following links to some really great, all-time, favorite, tried and true, never-outdated, kid-friendly poems--

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