Saturday, September 13, 2014

Let's Track Our Fluency--Progress Monitoring Tools for Reading

If you are a reading teacher like I am, you'll need more than one graph for the different fluency targets your students may need to meet. Print out graphs that suit your students, and keep them in folders so they can go back to them with a reading buddy or partner. Give them a timer, and let 'em read! It's fun and it's a technique that is backed up by research...We all know this, that kids who take responsibility for their own progress DO make substantial progress. These graphs hold them accountable for making progress at their own rate. We all know this too... that once they are engaged in their reading, it sticks with them longer.

This resource also includes a quick guide for fluency rate targets, adapted from Tim Rasinski's fluency target charts. 

Happy reading!

And while you're in my store.... please take a moment to check out this reading resource--which I had fun creating--but more importantly, hope  can be truly useful to teachers and homeschooling parents. I think you'll find that once you laminate these and hang them up on the walls (or use them as charts, or in a book), your kids will have a blast with these!  Thanks so much for checking my store out...I think you'll be surprised at the resources you can use for helping your kids become more proficient in literacy.